Music Production -

Bonaire's roots are firmly in music, although it has concentrated on its core skill of music and expanding this by amalgamating visuals as far back as 1990.

Our prime motivation has always been the belief than we live in a multi media society, music cannot survive without visuals and visuals cannot survive without music. Just watch any scene in a movie, TV series, wherever, hidden behind the layers of emotion and action..... there is a music theme in there somehwere.

Our selection process is tough..... well we only work with producers, artists and musicians we actually like, but then it extends to having a common foresite into where and how we all grow in our own area.

Pop and Rock stardom is a thing of the past.... Would be Diva's need to leave their ego's at the door.... we develop and mentor talent.... agree to disagree... but the end result has to be something that works.

Genre is not relevant as in the wide world they all share the same basic thing.... a business model that makes sense and creativilty that brings emotion.

Some of our artists relationships go back over 30 years. Not a bad record to prove the theory "if it ain't broke..... don't fix it.