About Bonaire.

Our aim has always been to create a multi-channel entertainment company. By acquiring partners we have been able produce, manage and promote intellectual media content including rights in music, film, television programming and other related assets whilst still maintaining a low cost structure that ensures maximum success and minium cost exposure to our clients.

we are able to offer
In music :-
Top line digital delivery systems to all major digital retailers
Physical distribution with a major distributor in the UK.
Artist Management (providing it fits into our multi media environment).
Live tour management

In Television :-
A one stop shop for TV programming and TV commercials
Consultancy on programming, programme acquisition and copyright clearance services.

In Advertising :-
Unparallelled access to some of the world's greatest music composers fort both library and bespoke music composition.
Total production from concept, story board, filming, editing and graphics using our own in-house team.

Originally formed in the early 90's with Martin Pursey's experience, network and reputation, the company is able to reach the global marketplace within entertainment.

We embrace the evolving industry as it is allowing the world to discover and access what we are most passionate about: our music, our media, our clients.