A new genre in rock is born.

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Globus - the world's biggest rock band, literally !

As the pioneers of the new Cinematic Rock genre, the 180 piece Globus was formed by Los Angeles based Yoav Goren, best known for writing the epic trailer music for some of Hollywood's biggest movies of all time, including Lord of The Rings, War of The Worlds and, more recently, Spider Man 3 and Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End.

Goren has created a musical experience which takes the listener through some of the world's musical heritages & languages, and fixes them to contemporary rock. The result is Globus; a colossal band creating a blend of dramatic & cinematic music fused with classic rock & pop, amongst other elements.

To prove it can be done, Globus performed a hugely successful ‘test' concert last summer at Wembley. As one of the production managers said, “We've done rock bands, we've done orchestras, we've done choirs….but this was the first time that we'd ever had them all in one enormous show!”

Now, the Globus project is a reality. The debut album, ‘Epicon', and was preceded by the single ‘Orchard of Mines' - which itself is accompanied by a stunning video that truly reflects the scale of the Globus project.

The album has now been released in the US, along with a full retail DVD encompassing the Wembley TV special and lots of bonus features. The single Orchard Of Mines made the Billboard hot singles chart and peaked at number 9.

The video for ‘Orchard of Mines' was directed by noted commercials director Mark Daly and filmed at the home of 007 Pinewood studios and matches the sound of the band for it's production.

Globus expanded its reach live in June last year with a sellout show in Los Angeles, the 2nd album is currently in production.